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November 26th, 2013

Siri On The iPad Air

Siri Video, by Siri.

Siri is now available on the newly released iPad Air, not much difference as compared to the 4th generation iPad

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Responses to “Siri On The iPad Air”

  1. rather have an ipad 4

    FATAL K1LLZz at Reply
  2. That was awfully beautiful.

    BEE003SXP at Reply
  3. I would love to collaborate with you, great content!

    TheIpodTouchWorld at Reply
  4. In ow you’re up to 8,188 subscribers :) Keep up the great and funny videos.

    Chris M at Reply
  5. Say find chuck Norris

    Joshua Wong ( joshposh2012) at Reply
  6. Oh Siri has her own radio channel? Get it? Because Siri is now… on Air.

  7. Siri is the best

    SEN KHNAN at Reply
  8. S voice suck

    farrel madenda at Reply
  9. Fuck s voice

    Lorenz Schauer at Reply
  10. ahahahahahah… Stupid s-voice! lol

    Max diTroia at Reply
  11. LMAO for the s voice xD

    MrLovroGaming at Reply
  12. but the gs4 is overall better then all apple products

    Ben Pro at Reply
  13. hahahahahaha Shit Voice fucking SUCKS, Dear Samusng if you’re going to
    copy something please do it well, long life Siri 

    PLACEBOgarbage at Reply
  14. You don’t know how to use s voice you stupid kid.

    GameMaster at Reply
  15. he has no idea what hes doing……

    MrXD25769 at Reply
  16. Yo this shot had me rolling on the floor laughing so hard couldn’t even
    breath so funny lmao

    Abel Batista at Reply
  17. you dont know how to use s voice

    Tyrus Merrick at Reply
  18. If it’s that difficult to use S-Voice it won’t be helpful to anyone. Siri
    is able to distinguish between one question and another. S-Shit still
    thought he was on timer.

    John Doe at Reply
  19. finally a video with more apple fans then Samsung fags.

    Zander2528 at Reply
  20. Fucking dumb ass you don’t know how to use s voice. You a fucking joke!!
    Fucking apple fan boy get a damn life!!

    William P. at Reply
  21. this guy is an ass! mute the voices the S4 is still listening to the iphone
    voice! im sure this guy aint that dumb to not realise this! apple fanny boy

    101aceking at Reply
  22. This is funny as fuck

    Salmon Fishing at Reply
  23. Siri is the original and the best

    Salmon Fishing at Reply
  24. I don’t like your use of the word retarded. I am not mentally handicapped,
    but even I feel offended when I hear people use it as a replacement for

    StephenB at Reply
  25. I tried the questions you asked on my Samsung Galaxy Note II and it’s just
    as fast as the iPhone 5′s Siri and it works accurately.

    probomberz at Reply
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    positively oily.

    Parag Maheshwari at Reply
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