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January 11th, 2014


Siri Video, by Siri.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Ask Siri what’s September 3rd 2014 she responds it’s closing gates of hades

    Jp2steezyHD at Reply
  2. So you still wish to keep your “EYE’S WIDE SHUT”! PRANK OR

    Dwayne Martin at Reply
  3. Since Apple thinks it’s so damn funny, how funny would it be if everyone
    asked for their money back? I think it would be quite offensive to some
    people. I showed my Mom with her Iphone, and she was not thrilled one bit.

    Moon Hitsearth at Reply
  4. Yeah says the same thing for what Aug 15 or 14 and 2014 or 2015..

  5. siri also says Hades will be closing on Sept 3rd 2014… also ask siri
    about August 21, 2013. (ghost festival)…. and August 10, 2014. seems odd
    that there are two dates… July 27 and August 10 both in 2014… one is
    gates of hades opening…

    UniBrowStudioVision at Reply
  6. Wait I thought we all were dead 2012 ? Only god knows no man will ever
    predict the date 

  7. According to Apples Siri program, July 27th 2014 is the opening gates of
    Hades and September 3rd 2014 is the closing gates of Hades. The gates of
    Hades is found on Mount Hermon in Syria (Siri app.) and Siri spelled
    backwards is iris (eye)
    = illuminati bullshit.

    ibislee at Reply
  8. also only god can predict when we die not humans or technology 

    Josh McBride at Reply
  9. Its response is about the Chinese Ghost Month

    thatoneddee at Reply
  10. you know whats gonna come out of those gates….GANGSTER GEESE nigga

    Alberto Garcia at Reply
  11. But….. if you ask siri “when will the gates of hades open”, it says
    “May,05 2005

    lilninjax at Reply
  12. maybe not hell but yellowstone volcano ??? but most likely its a joke from
    iPeople =)

    DEZERTER83 at Reply
  13. If you ask her what January 13 2014 is she’ll say Birth of the Prophet.

    Arron Riley at Reply
  14. thanks op that is a perfection explanation. i didnt even think of ramadan

    Matthew Peterson at Reply
  15. tired of the bull of shit that comes from people like you 

    O'Neill Gello at Reply
  16. God didn’t say it so fuck apple team #Droid hoe 

    Curtis Guillory at Reply
  17. Bullshit money maker for u Unintelligent scary ass humans…. when r y’all
    gone to every learn, the writers say you and i will not no the time or

  18. its just a joke, BS it said the same for sep 3rd 2014, people turn these
    lame hog wash and try to spin it. end of the world? how many times we got
    to go through this? there aint no end of the world however there will be a
    end of you, thats for sure.

    Photoshopuzr at Reply
  19. Just have to wait and find out for ourselves.

    Patrick Desmond at Reply
  20. It’s just a tradition in Chinese culture. Chinese believe that that day is
    the opening gate of hell and ghosts will come to the world to have fun for
    a month (?)

    Kevin Huang at Reply
  21. Wasnt this suppose to happen in in 2012? And 1806, and 1843, and 1891,
    1910, 1982, 1997, 1999, 2000, and 2008? Dumb people will find any excuse in
    history to make this believable. “Uhh wait lets see… ah damn, the aztecs
    were on July 28th… lets try and find one for July 27th… Ah there we go,
    muslims have this thing that they said the world is ending on the 27th,
    we’re good, now people will believe us.”

    Blake Miller at Reply
  22. Jaja

    Fabian Torres at Reply
  23. a la la mami de marciano le gusta este video

    Diego Amachi at Reply
  24. 4:50 FAIL

    Diego Amachi at Reply
  25. Amo el iphone negro de tu amigo

    Diego Amachi at Reply
  26. Como hace una foto de lo que quieres enviar? Haces como una captura

    nami luffy at Reply
  27. Marciano preguntale a Siri: “Siri; y si te dejo caer?” XD

    Andy M. Ferreiras at Reply
  28. buena aporte :) 

    Carlos Rios at Reply
  29. Marciano si le digo a Siri que si me descarga por ejemplo Facebook en Mi
    iPod Touch5gen lo descarga?

    Ibrahim Cano at Reply
  30. Hola amigo espero tengas un excelte fin de semana una pregunta existe SIRI
    para Iphone 4S pero con iox 5.0.1

    Jose Gadea at Reply
  31. No la estoy usando en español. es solo los comandos que ella entiende,


    Radheya Urrego Mendez at Reply
  33. Marciano.. conmigo no se puede acercadolo a la oreja.. y casi siempre me
    dice: “si quieres puedo buscar xxxxxxx en internet” :/ que hago?

    muyexagerardo at Reply
  34. Dicen que el Iphone 6 ya vendrá una aplicación donde te puedas coger a Siri.

    krlospantera at Reply
  35. Hay siri

    YaelArroyo at Reply
  36. A y también cuando le digo que plublica en Facebook me loanda buscando en
    internet no se qué hacer por favor hayudame

    Gokuseqad at Reply
  37. Perdon, instale el SIRI en un Iphone 4 – iOS 1.6.2 pero no logre que
    contestara ninguna pregunta. Donde estoy fallando… Gracias.

    Guillermo Rivera Millán at Reply
  38. hola ese es el siri español version Estados Unidos o Mexico?

    Inyector at Reply
  39. perfecto victor alexis !!! saludos

    Hector de Jesus at Reply
  40. buenas tardes marciano, una pregunta yo cuando le pregunto a siri donde
    estoy ellame responde yo no se donde estas pero usted puede ayudar a
    encontrarlo en servicio de lacalizacion configuracion active los servicios
    de localiacion como los de siri y la verdad nose como hacer eso te
    garadedeseria en esa ayuda

    Juan Carlos Hernandez Hernandez at Reply

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